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About Rick Billings...
Rick & April Billings
Rick has been a self-employed for more than 33-years. In his first career he owned a professional portrait studio in Omaha, NE with 27 employees. He holds a Masters Degree in Photography and has won numerous awards. In 1995 he was one of the first digital photographers in the world, lecturing for the Eastman Kodak Company on digital photography for over a decade while running his studio.

Rick has been involved in online marketing since 1998, owning one of the first e-commerce platforms online called American Sports Photo Network ( 

He has been in Network Marketing since 2006, affiliated with only two companies. He's a business owner with his current company because he followed four top executives when they left their previous company. They then set out to build a company to disrupt the industry. 

Rick lives in Orlando with his wife April, and has three grown children: Alec, Nick, and Derrick.
I've been wanting to send a personal thanks to you, as I greatly appreciate all your help!!!  Just heard you on the President's Call and love how you contribute on our company calls. Thanks, Much!  ~Heidi
Hello Rick, it's Debbie from Canada. First, want to thank you for your great videos on YouTube as they helped me and many of team members understand
the comp plan, etc., and more. And, we are really looking forward to working with you!
I am one of the top leaders in Australia who has merged with your company. Just wanted to say a big Thank You for all of your amazing training. It really has been so useful to all of us here in Australia!  ~Nikki
Rick has been the #1 Product Salesperson in his entire company the last few years.
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